In July 2017, Parts & Power continued their 25+ year old Apprenticeship Program by partnering with the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Youth Empowerment Service.  Hassard Edwards and Omari Martin joined them as an Apprentice Service Engineer and Warehouse Apprentice respectively.

It was a trial by fire for the young men.

On August 7th, Tortola experienced one of the worst floods in the Territory’s history.  One month later, the Territory suffered a direct hit by a Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the worst Atlantic Hurricane in recorded history.  Irma caused another flood.  Then 2 weeks later, Cat 5 Hurricane Maria passed close to the south.  In the rains following Maria, the Port Purcell suffered its 3rd flood in less than 2 months.

In what seemed to be perpetual clean ups, it was hard for all Parts & Power’s employees.  But, as new hires, it must have been even harder on the 2 new Apprentices.  Both maintained a positive attitude and contributed to the recovery of both the Company and their Customers.  One year later, both Apprentices are still with the Company & thriving.

Parts & Power began their Apprenticeship Program in 1990.  Over the years, they have run over 30 youth through the Program.  Many stayed on to work for a number of years. Indeed 2 of our early Apprentices are still with us, over 20 years later, as key employees.

Parts & Power were happy to partner with the YES Program in 2017. The Youth Employment Service is an initiative that was launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture, under the direction of Hon. Myron V. Walwyn in December 2011. YES’ core objectives are to prepare our youth with the skills needed to perform on the job.

HassardHassard Edwards alongside a JCB 30D Teletruk he recently serviced.

OmariOmari Martin merchandising a Northern Lights sea water pump.

Photos compliments Dorian Hodge,  Video and Audio Productions


About partsandpower

Parts & Power is the premier supplier of Marine and Industrial equipment and spare parts in the Caribbean.

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