Why buy genuine OEM parts?

Volvo Penta Genuine Parts and Accessories are the exact same parts that were designed and manufactured for the engine and drive when it was originally built. The philosophy of selling genuine parts challenges our point of view as to how we provide aftermarket support.


Most aftermarket parts are not made to the same standards upon which Volvo engineers insist. They may be made with different materials or compounds that do not meet our specifications. Although they may often look the same, slight variations in manufacturing can result in different performance and durability.

Material specifications for parts can vary greatly. Cost reductions in manufacturing may mean lesser materials are used in producing them. Nongenuine parts are simply copies of the original part, potentially with little or no consideration given to the integrity of the engine or drive and how it functions as a complete engineered system. All of these concerns can lead to failures that will cause additional expenses, extra downtime and unwanted headaches for your customers.


Measuring the full cost of ownership is more important than looking at just the initial purchase price of a part. That’s because a part that doesn’t do its job over time can reduce the life of other components. In addition, replacing a component prematurely can mean more downtime and more costs, not only in lost revenue but also in parts and labor as well.

There was a television commercial that illustrates this point well. You may have seen the insurance company that promotes the use of genuine parts in their claims. They show a rattlesnake in need of repairs but, instead of getting a genuine rattlesnake tail replacement, he is fitted with a baby rattle that is duct-taped to his body. Needless to say, instead of conveying the agility, intimidation and brutal force that he should, the rattlesnake is ridiculed by all the surrounding rabbits that would normally fear him.


Volvo Penta Genuine Parts exceed industry standards for design, reliability and extended product life. Their features and benefits are proven to combine to save customers time and money by reducing their maintenance and downtime expenses. By using advanced manufacturing processes and high-grade, quality materials, Volvo Genuine Parts assure lower operating costs and deliver long-lasting durability, performance and reliability for outstanding value.

Article posted courtesy of Volvo Penta marine engines.


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