Remanufactured Long Blocks

Volvo Penta offers a complete range of Long blocks from 4.3L through to 8.1L.

Remember, the focus of Volvo Penta Reman is always on quality with good value for the consumers. Volvo Penta equates quality to long term cost of ownership vs. not what one can save today.

Volvo Penta offers:
• Factory warranty and service support
• Labor based on Volvo Penta flat rates, not limited

The customer benefits from a stringent Volvo Penta Remanufacturing Process:
• Tightly controlled process, insuring high quality. All engine assemblies are remanufactured to original factory specifications and provide original equipment durability and performance.
• Volvo base engines are completely remanufactured with the correct components as required for the marine environment. The valves, pistons, bearings, timing chain and oil pump are always replaced with new pieces that are equivalent to or better than a new marine engine.
• Camshafts are polished or replaced with new ones, they are never reground.
• Engines are built with correct marine specification stainless steel head gaskets and brass freeze plugs for use in salt water environments.
• 100% magnaflux inspection of all block and cast iron cylinder heads.
• Connecting rods are checked for straightness and twist. If out of tolerance they are replaced, never bent back into shape.
• CNC machinery and computing sets our powertrain apart from the rest. Consistent, reliable machining centers deliver the highest quality standards for all of your remanufactured applications.
• Cutting edge robotics allow for fully automated processing. This flexibility leads to faster turn around time and the accuracy needed to exceed factory standards every time.
• Dynamic Engine Testing: All engines are checked and measured for proper torque to turn, cylinder compression, oil flow, oil pressure as well as audibly monitored for any unusual noises.
• All engines must pass the same rigorous testing, inspection and acceptance standards as new engines before they are program certified.
• Using the original engine specifications, the engines are then continuously monitored for oil pressure, power, torque levels, oil consumption, overall integrity and noise levels.
• Quick Delivery: 2-3 day delivery from date of order to most locations, freight prepaid with a liberal core return policy.

These features set Volvo Penta apart from other engine rebuilders. Volvo Penta doesn’t just fix what’s broken, we remanufacture to today’s specifications. That brings peace of mind to customers that their reman long block is as good as new.

Article posted courtesy of Volvo Penta marine engines.


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