The importance of Oil Analysis

What is an Oil Analysis?
An Oil Analysis is a basic driveline “health check”. The process is simple. The first step is taking a sample of oil from your engine, followed by sending the sample to a laboratory for testing. The next step is a rigorous analysis done at the laboratory where a great amount of data is collected including water/coolant content, viscosity, fuel, contaminates, the amount of metallic particles, and more. The data collected is compared to the data that Volvo Penta has on acceptable limits in Volvo Penta engines. After the testing is complete, a user-friendly report is generated. Then, the analysis can provide early warnings which make possible the timely replacement of components before problems appear and damage occurs.

What does Oil Analysis test?

Our Oil Analysis tests for wear metals, oil additives and contaminants, viscosity, soot, water, fuel dilution, and glycol on engines. On gears and transmissions, we test for wear metals, oil additives, contaminants, viscosity, and water. We also test for wear metals, oil additives, contaminants, viscosity, water, acid number, and particle count on Hydraulic fluids.

Why should a customer have an Oil Analysis performed?

The main purpose of the analysis is to find problems before they occur to avoid downtime and expensive repairs. If you conduct regular oil analysis, you will be one step ahead of possible damage occurring.

What does Oil Analysis do for Customers?

Oil Analysis can help detect problems early so your dealer can schedule future repairs and part replacement if necessary.


Test for glycol is positive. There is a high concentration of glycol present in the oil. There is a moderate concentration of water present in the oil.


We advise that you check for the source of the coolant leak. We recommend that you drain the oil from the component if this has not already been done. We advise that you flush the component thoroughly before re-filling with oil. We recommend
an early resample to monitor this condition.

Article posted courtesy of Volvo Penta marine engines.


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