Evolution of Perkins Engines

Anyone who lives in the Caribbean and has ever owned or worked on a diesel engine equipped boat or machine knows Perkins Engines.  Their legendary reliability and serviceability, combined with readily available spare parts at reasonable prices, has made them the engine of preference among discriminating boat and machine owners for years.

Twentieth Century

Many of us now older generation cut our teeth on the 4.108, 4.236, 4.154 and 6.354. These became known as the “Range 4” engines.  These engines have been around since the late 1960’s and early 70’s and many are still in operation.  

In the 1990’s emissions requirements forced all engine manufacturers to change the design of their engines.  For Perkins, the Range 4 series became the 1000 series, meaning 1 liter displacement per cylinder.  The 4.236 became the 1004, and the 6.354 became the 1006. Due to the popularity of the Range 4, the 1000 series were in most cases drop in replacement engines that were a little smaller, a lot quieter and cleaner.

New Millennium

In the 2000’s emissions requirements, once again, forced a change in the Perkins engine design.  The resulting engine became the 1100 series (1.1 liter per cylinder).  The same size as the 1000 series, due to technological advances in metallurgy and engineering, these engines produced more horsepower, were quieter and cleaner than their predecessor.

Tier 4 introduced in the 2010’s forced yet another change resulting in the 1200 series engines.  These engines, with 1.2 liters per cylinder, are designed to meet all the emissions challenges for the foreseeable future.  Although designed to meet all the complexities of Tier 4, these engines (as well as the 1000 and 1100 series that are still being manufactured) still come with lower Tier ratings.  In some cases these ratings are as low as Tier 0.  They are the same engine and the fully emissions compliant version, but without the sophisticated electronics.  But they are as compact, quiet and clean as their more sophisticated brethren.

Caribbean Engine Support

Backed by an unrivaled network of Caribbean Servicing Dealers, with readily available and reasonably priced parts, Perkins Engines remain the best serviced Diesel Engine in the Caribbean.  So whether you have a 4.236/ 6.354, or a 1204/1206 in the Caribbean, you can be assured that you have someone nearby who can keep your Perkins Engine running at top performance.

Perkins Engines…the Heart of Every Great Machine.

Contact Parts & Power, or see your nearest Perkins dealer, to discuss the option best for you.  


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