Enclosures for Large Diesel Generators

It has been standard practice in the Power Generation Industry through history to install large generators in shipping containers.  The cost to create one off enclosures of that size was too cost prohibitive.  Shipping containers are readily available and are cost effective. The down side of the practice is that it leaves very poor access to the generator inside the container.  It is often difficult to squeeze a full sized man between the engine of the generator and the side of the container.  Accessibility to work on the engine, generator and components has often been severely compromised.

Those days are over. Modasa has come up with the solution.  With their new state of the art manufacturing facility in Lima, Peru, the can now fabricate enclosures for any size generator.  Pictured in the photos is the enclosure for a 2,050 kw generator.  Note the many doors offering unparalleled access to all parts of the generator.  Now Parts & Power can provide generators in excess of 1 megawatt output in easily accessible enclosures at a cost that is less than that of a shipping container.  Contact Parts & Power today at 284-494-2830 or info@partsandpower.com for more information or pricing on Modasa generators and enclosures.

Image Image Image


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