Latest DSE7310/20 Updates

Deep Sea Electronics are pleased to announce the release of the latest updates to the DSE73xx range of controllers.

A range of useful new features have now been released in the DSE7310 and DSE7320 Genset control modules, these include:

·         Smoke limiting during stopping
·         Low coolant temperature
·         Timed LCD backlight power down
·         Time LCD display turn off
·         Option for CT’s in the load leg
·         Auto start blocking period
·         PLC label option within PLC editor
·         VT ratio’s can now go down to 80V
·         Open circuit sender alarm for water temperature
·         PN and FMI codes recorded in the event log

To assist in locating these features within the DSE PC Configuration Suite please find the following descriptions.

·         Cooling time at idle.
·         Coolant temperature out-of-range display.
·         LCD backlight power saving.
·         LCD Sleep timer.
·         Automatic load detection.
·         Scheduled auto start inhibit and scheduler enhancements.
·         PLC label option within PLC editor.
·         VT ratio’s down to 100V.
·         New DTC logging modes.
·         Log on shutdowns (current behaviour).
·         Log on shutdowns and warnings.
·         Log immediately.
·         Adjustable Modbus Inter-frame delay.
·         Updated 25xx module communications to support all the latest features.

Further details are available by reading the DSE7310/20 data sheet and operating manual. Please go to the product pages here:



Parts & Power provides Deep Sea Controllers on their range of Perkins-powered industrial generators. The range runs from 8kw to over 1,000kW. The Deep Sea Controllers do not require costly proprietary software to access and program them – all the software required is available free of charge from the Deep Sea Electronics website. This means that you are not tied to a specific dealer from the generator OEM for servicing and maintaining your generator. This in turn saves you money!


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