Buying large ticket items in the Caribbean

I find that a lot of the customers I see do not take anything other than price into consideration when buying a large purchase item. We all want a good deal and dollars are important in any transaction, however there are some other things to consider before writing that cheque! First of all, am I going to be able to get warranty work done here or am I going to have to fly a company rep in to do the work? What will that cost me? Are the parts for this available in my area or am I going to have to wait for them to come in from wherever they need to be ordered from? How reliable is the company selling this to me? What is their service history and resources? How well trained in my product are they? Once my warranty period is over, will they continue to support me with any problems or concerns that I might have? Is the unit being offered to me the same as the one I am getting such a good deal on elsewhere or is this something with more features, more robust, more options?

When I sit down and answer all of these questions the “good deal” changes its requirements from just a front end money issue, to what is the best for my family or business. Savings can be a long term investment in something of quality that will perform what I need done for a longer time with fewer repairs and readily available service and parts. This is what we strive to do here at Parts and Power, put out the best and not necessarily the cheapest product, backed up with a full in house warranty and service performed by trained technicians. Parts are stocked to support all of the products in our product lines. If we sell this item to you and you have made the commitment to us by purchasing this, can we answer most or all of the above questions to your satisfaction? That is what I think a successful company providing anything in the Caribbean should and would be able to do! So the next time your house goes black in a power outage or your boat drifts into the dock, before you run out to shop the “Best deal” make sure that you are indeed getting the most for your money.



About partsandpower

Parts & Power is the premier supplier of Marine and Industrial equipment and spare parts in the Caribbean.

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