Capn “Fatty” Goodlander talks about his new Perkins Marine M92 engine

Your engine may have saved our lives already.

At the height of our recent gale, I managed to claw down the jammed storm staysail at dawn… which was VERY good in one sense… but not another. We needed to heave-to. If we remained sail-less and sideways, we’d surely roll within minutes.

Thus I checked for sheets and lines overboard, and hit the starter button. The Perkins immediately sprang into life, and powered Ganesh directly into those powerful, giant, deck-sweeping 20 foot plus seas… without a problem… at a mere 1900 RPM. Thus Carolyn and I was able to spend the next 2.5 hours (I kid you not, please don’t ask) raising the double-reefed main.

YES! If the Perkins had not started or didn’t have enough power… I don’t know what would have happened–perhaps the Caribbean would have one less word-crazed Marine Columnist.

On a side note… the gale and being hove-to certainly made us heel sharply… at one point dipping the starboard rail for hours at a time… and the exhaust system did its job perfectly. GREAT!

We also had an amazing bit of luck (both good and bad) 14 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

It was pitch black. No moon. We were motorsailing at 6.3 knots, with the Perkins ticking along at 1600 RPM… when I sensed a change while sitting at the nav station belowdecks. The boat hadn’t shuttered and the engine hadn’t changed pitch… but something was wrong. I went on deck and looked at my gauges and my sails… then flicked on a spotlight… and saw we were stopped totally in a sea of bright green. Stopped? Sea of Green? Yeah! We’re run into an illegal drift fishing net which was miles long… and it had gently stopped us… and was all around us… under our keel and snagged on our skeg and binding up the rudder and on both sides of us and dead ahead…



I immediately throttled down and put her in neutral… amazed at my good, great, unbelievable luck. (This was about 10 minutes before the angry, naked, high-on-cocaine Aztec with a 16″ Ikea butcher knife was standing on my deck… dripping & seething… and deciding whether to gut me like a fish or not… but, hey, that’s another sea yarn.)

Basically, the M92B is running perfectly and I’m very pleased.


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