It’s that time of year we all love to hate…Hurricane Season.  Reports of the devastation in Oklahoma City make our dread all that more poignant.  The disaster and ensuing tragedy there took place over a 20-minute period.  The Caribbean has experienced hurricanes in recent years that have sat on top of some islands as Category 5 hurricanes for HOURS!  Sobering stuff.

What can you do?  The first thing you can do is to listen to those who have experienced a bad Storm and take their advice seriously.  Good advice comes from our local Disaster Management Departments.  Clear debris from your yard so the items don’t become weapons of mass destruction.  I visited a friend in Grenada after Hurricane Ivan and he had a concrete cinder block in the middle of his bed that had come through the bedroom window.  The amazing thing was the nearest ground was 20 feet below that window.  He swore that cinder block was not even in his yard before the Storm.

We are fortunate in the West Indies that house construction tends to be better than in other places in the world.  So find a safe place in your home and, if you can’t find one, identify a house or disaster shelter that you would feel safe in.

Then be prepared before a Hurricane for the time following it.  Water will be in short supply.  Cisterns could be contaminated.  Food could be scarce if all the grocery stores are gone.  Stock up ahead of time.

Remember that the last fuel that will be delivered to a disaster area is propane.  So don’t buy a propane generator if you are expecting to use it for weeks or months following a Hurricane.  Diesel is the first fuel brought in because it is safe.  So, if you are going to buy a generator, buy a diesel one.  See our other blogs for considerations when buying a diesel generator.

The time following a Hurricane can be the hardest.  Sitting around, especially in a bar, dwelling on your problems is the worst thing you can do.  After the Hurricane passes, stay busy and productive.  Go outside and start picking stuff up and nailing back on wherever it came from.  Keep that up every day until life regains some normalcy.  It will help you keep your sanity. 


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